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Reliable Car Servicing in Portsmouth from your Local, Independent Ford specialist

Here at D P Auto Repairs, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to the people of Portsmouth, Cosham, Southampton and Fareham every day. Operating out of our Portsmouth garage we have seen thousands of cars roll in and out of here in need of repairs, diagnostic checks, or just their standard servicing. As the region’s top independent Ford specialists, we are naturally experienced with that make, but the five decades of experience that our team of mechanics brings to the table means that all makes and models of car a welcome here.

Why does my car need servicing?

Have a regular car service performed on your vehicle helps to ensure that it runs at its optimum level. It helps to improve fuel efficiency, which will subsequently save you money in fuel costs and, by receiving a thorough car service on a regular basis, any potential problems can be spotted in advance, greatly reducing the risk of a breakdown and the accompanying repair costs.

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What’s the difference between an interim car service and a full car service?

As you might expect, a full car service is more in-depth than an interim car service, including some additional checks that the interim service does away with. While you’re certainly welcome to request a full car service each time, a general rule of thumb is to have interim and full car services in alternating years.

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What does a car service include?

It is essentially a head-to-toe check of all the major components of your car. It is non-invasive, so we won’t be taking everything apart, or anything like that. Instead our team of mechanics will inspect the individual elements to make sure they are working correctly, whether they have suffered any wear and tear, and whether they run a risk of failing soon.

The checks can vary depending on whether you’re having a full car service or an interim one but, in general, these are the things we’ll be looking for: wipers, lights (including indicators), fluid levels, brake system (including shoes, lines, pipes and pads), cam belt, suspension, fuel filter, clutch, handbrake, spark plugs, fan belt, engine oil, body work, tyres, and emissions.

What happens next?

We will stamp you service book and enter details of this most recent service. This adds to your car’s full-service history and may allow you to fetch a better price should you sell it. If we spot anything of interest and concern, especially something that could well become a hazard if left unchecked, then we will tell you about, and offer you a quote for our car repair services.

How often should I have my car serviced?

As detailed above, we recommend a yearly car service, just to make sure that everything is running over as should.

Your local independent Ford car service and repair specialists

D P Auto Repairs is based in Portsmouth, where we are one of the region’s top independent Ford specialists. We deal with customers right around the city, including neighbouring Cosham, Southampton and Fareham.

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